Fort Lee dental implants


Missing a tooth? You may not realize just how that space in your smile is affecting your life. Patients missing teeth experience negative impacts on their dental function, health, and confidence level. Replacing missing teeth is not only good for your body, it’s good for your spirit – regaining a full smile makes you feel happier and more whole.


Why Replace Missing Teeth

Patients lose teeth for a wide variety of reasons. But once they’re out, the consequences are universally negative. Patients missing teeth are more likely to experience:

  • Cavities – Bacteria spend their time looking for warm, dark, and damp spaces to inhabitate. The gaps left behind by missing teeth act as welcome homes. Oral bacteria will set up shop, leading to the formation of cavities. Due to this effect, your missing tooth can actually begin to weaken the healthy teeth that it neighbored – an unwelcome domino effect.
  • Gum disease – As with cavities, the bacteria that gather will cause periodontal disease. Because the gums at the missing tooth site are difficult to clean, it’s simple for bacteria to aggregate and irritate the gums.
  • Bone loss – Your jaw bone connects to each tooth’s root. Once a tooth root is gone, the jaw bone begins to lose some of its structure. This weakens the area and increases chances of jaw bone breakage.
  • Change in facial structure – Without teeth or adequate bone providing support, the patient’s facial structure will begin to change, leading to sagging skin and an aged appearance.

Benefits of Fort Lee Dental Implants

Fort Lee dental implants
Pursuing dental implants will prevent the wear and disrepair that follows tooth loss. By replacing missing tooth roots, you’re allowing the entirety of the tooth to be rebuilt. Dental implants have additional, remarkable benefits that include:

  • • Implants support any dental restoration, from crowns to bridges to dentures
  • • Implants preserve your bone density and facial structure, maintaining your bone structure and appearance
  • • Implants lend stability to your tooth replacements, creating a natural level of restoration security
  • • With proper care, implants stay with you – for life!


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