If you’re missing several, many, or all of your teeth, it’s a great time to consider dentures. Modern dentistry’s capabilities allow for dentures that fit well, feel comfortable, and look natural. With a choice between partial and full dentures, you can select the restorative dental option with which you’re most pleased.

Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Once you lose a permanent tooth, that area of your mouth begins to undergo a series of changes. The bone that formerly connected to the tooth root begins to dissolve, unsupported by another tooth structure. Your surrounding teeth slowly shift, moving into the empty space left behind. Bacteria gather in the gap, which acts as a breeding ground and fosters periodontal disease. Replacing that tooth will help prevent premature aging of your face, decay, infection, and problems with your bite.

Health benefits aside, replacing missing teeth also does wonders for your personal life. You will feel better about yourself, be able to speak and chew more easily, and will be prepared to approach the world with a friendly smile.

Partial Dentures

Partial Denture isolateThose missing several teeth may not be able to support a dental bridge. In this case, a fixed or removable partial denture will replace missing structures without being apparent. Typically attached to your remaining teeth by means of wires and plastic, partial dentures are the step between bridges and full dentures.


Full Dentures

DenturesComplete sets of dentures will return function to your mouth. You’ll be able to speak clearly and enjoy foods that you’ve had to give up since losing your teeth. And your modern dentures will fit like a glove, feeling like a natural part of your mouth.


Implant-Supported Dentures

Adding dental implants to your restorative dental equation provides your dentures with fresh stability. Implants sit in your jaw and firmly adhere the dentures to your gum line. This helps cut down on slipping and clicking, making your dentures feel and function more like permanent teeth.

Don’t spend another day feeling limited by missing teeth. Contact M&N Dental of Fort Lee to begin discussing your restorative solution.

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