A gorgeous smile is impossible without healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Kazbanov cares about helping patients build strong oral health throughout their lives. Impeccable oral hygiene and strong health will keep your smile lovely, your teeth intact, and your gums sturdy. With regular dental exams and preventive dental practices, you’ll enjoy ongoing health and happiness.

Regular Dental Exams

general-dentist-2“Regular” means something different for every patient. The average recommendation is to see a dentist every six months, but your periodontal risk, enamel wear, and other factors will determine your own interval. Dr. Kazbanov will advise you as to how often you should be visiting for the best decay prevention. Call us at any time with questions as to when you should schedule your next appointment.

Dental Checkups and X-Rays

The most important part of every dental exam is monitoring disease. We use diagnostic tools like x-rays to obtain comprehensive pictures of the exteriors and interiors of your teeth and mouth. X-rays show decay and other issues in their earliest stages, allowing us to minimize the damage. If we uncover any problems, we’ll discuss potential actions with you to form a treatment plan.

Teeth Cleaning

During your cleaning, a hygienist removes plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. If you have gingivitis or periodontal pockets, your cleaning may be more involved and reach below the gum line. We’ll also determine whether sealants could be helpful, and may add these invisible, protective layers to your molars.

Patient Education

Your checkup isn’t just about having your mouth examined. We’ll also use the opportunity to engage you in a discussion of your oral health and oral hygiene. Thorough brushing and flossing is a must, and we’ll help you find ways to clean your teeth correctly and frequently. We will also discuss a tooth-healthy diet, and sugary or starchy foods and drinks to moderate. By caring for your teeth today, you prevent a wide range of dental problems that could be encountered in the future.


Healthy gums support healthy teeth! Our periodontist, Dr. Olga Michaud, offers procedures that heal and rebuild your gumline. Whether you’re recovering from periodontal disease or you’ve experienced gum recession from grinding, gum grafts will make a difference. Reduce sensitivity, balance out your smile, and protect tender tooth roots.

Before and After Gingival Allograft

patient before gum graft for gum recessionafter gum graft for gum recession

patient before gum graft for gum recessionpatient after gum graft for gum recession

Occlusal Guards

Sometimes our teeth need protection from themselves. Countless patients grind their teeth while they sleep. The jaw gives in to stress, and the teeth suffer as a result. Chronic grinding can lead to worn enamel, cracked teeth, and even tooth loss (not to mention TMJ problems). Night guards will prevent your teeth from becoming damaged, and return peacefulness to your nights. If you suspect you may be grinding, talk to Dr. Kazbanov about your options.

General dentistry helps form the foundation of your oral health. Get in touch with our Fort Lee staff with any questions about your oral hygiene, your next appointment, or anything else related to your teeth!

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