While oral surgery can seem intimidating, it’s a valuable way to take more involved care of your teeth. Surgical procedures are well worth the time and effort: the results will range from a more appealing smile, to a healthier mouth, to healing of infection. Understanding what will take place during your surgery will make you more comfortable with the process, and relieve dental anxiety. Listed on this page are a few of the popular surgical treatments available at MN Dental of Fort Lee.

Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation

periodontal-gum-treatmentThat heading may be a mouthful, but it’s an apt way to describe how we view your periodontal tissues. Your gums are so important – they support your teeth, and keeping them healthy means keeping your mouth infection-free. Unfortunately, a large number of factors (poor oral hygiene, age, diet, and dry mouth, to name a few) can lead to gum inflammation and infection. Periodontal disease can be tricky to treat, so we take a multi-pronged approach.

  1. ● Scaling and Root Planing – Also known as a “deep cleaning,” this treatment will clean plaque from your teeth and tooth roots. Root planing also smoothes the tooth root surfaces so that it will be more difficult for bacteria to adhere. Because it is somewhat invasive, you will likely be anesthetized. SRP is the first step toward reversing the effects of periodontitis.
  2. ● Antibiotic placement – Healing tissue at the gum line is the most effective way to ensure periodontal disease does not return. Placing topical antibiotics in periodontal pockets (spaces between gums and teeth that foster infection) will help kill bacteria.
  3. ● Ongoing treatment – After periodontal disease, your gums may be different for many years. We will see you often (typically, every three months) to monitor your mouth for disease and ensure tissue regeneration.

Tooth Extraction

Not every tooth is able to remain with you for life. If a tooth becomes severely infected, broken, or otherwise damaged, it will need to be extracted. Conversely, if you are pursuing orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to create more space in your bite so that teeth will be able to shift. Many patients also choose to extract teeth that are potentially problematic (wisdom teeth), to stop dental issues before they can take hold. No matter the purpose, your extraction will be precise and comfortable.

Gum Surgery

Sometimes patients benefit from aesthetic changes to their gum line, just as they do from changes to their teeth. A balanced gum line will make a smile look more even, putting on the finishing touch. A gum graft will add tissue to an area that is lacking (from gum recession), while a gingivectomy will remove excess tissue (to repair signs of periodontal disease or correct a gummy smile).

Don’t let oral surgery remain a mystery – get in touch with our office with any questions, and you’ll find your fears are relieved before your procedure.

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