healthy teeth and smileHow do you feel about your teeth? While not everyone is interested in a full smile makeover, most of us wish our smiles were a little bit brighter. And with good reason: a whiter smile conveys good health, success, and a heightened level of personal care. Bright teeth make you stand out from the crowd and get you noticed (in the best possible way). Possessing that gorgeous smile will also make you feel better about yourself, and improve confidence in every area of your life.


Reasons You Should Be Whitening

If the introduction didn’t convince you, consider a few more advantages of whitening:

  • It’s the simplest way to change your smile
  • Whitening can improve your professional performance and social life
  • You retain your own teeth, but enhance them
  • Whitening is inexpensive and provides long-lasting results

Whitening can be an occasional choice, so that your smile is prepared for big events. It can also be an ongoing treatment, so that your smile is never dingy or dull. Once you’re accustomed to a whiter smile, it’s often hard to imagine that your teeth were ever something you weren’t excited to show off.

Opalescence Boost In-Office Whitening

Professional whitening in our Fort Lee office will create the most striking results. You will leave M&N Dental with a noticeably brighter smile, and return to your day with a renewed outlook on life. Your whitening will take approximately one hour, during which a hygienist will be available to monitor your progress. Opalescence Boost is notable in that its hydrogen peroxide whitening formula also contains fluoride and potassium nitrate, to soothe sensitive teeth and strengthen enamel. Moreover, it doesn’t require an activating light, so your whitening is slightly more gentle and relaxing.

Opalescence Take Home Whitening System

opalescence-product-family-heroAfter enhancing your pearly whites in-office, we’ll help you keep them bright at home. The Opalescence whitening system offers a take-home kit that makes whitening on your own a breeze. You’ll use custom trays that have been made to fit your teeth. Fill these with whitening gel, and relax as your whitening takes place. Depending on the intensity of the gel, you’ll either wear the trays during the day or while you sleep. Don’t worry – the special trays prevent gel from escaping.

Ready to whiten? Contact our Fort Lee practice to schedule your whitening session.

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